Aether Dimension

Bad Moon Rising

Cyprus and Demitri met on their ferry ride to Restharven. They hung around for a while, enjoying the new company, before they went to bed. They met up the next day, and spent it together at the festival. However, the happy and easy time turned into curiosity as they heard whispers of something happening at the east side of town.

What waited for them was fourteen decaying bodies. The followed the bodies back to the graveyard, where they found a number of zombies and skeletons. They fought against the small hoard, but the numbers were too great. Fortunately, a blond cleric they had bumped into a few times was on the case, and healed them.

Several zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and ghosts later, they found themselves staring at a mausoleum emitting a purple light. They investigated, and found it was emitting from on top of the stone casket. Before they could decide what to do, however, they were attacked by a wight, who could weaken someone at touch. However, the three succeeded in bringing it down.

Their enemy dead (again), Demitri touched the light with the haft of his Guan Dao. After a few more moments of cautiousness, Demitri picked up the crystal that was emitting the light, and dropped it. The crystal took as much of a beating as it could, but after a Demitri punt, the crystal shattered, and the light went out. Among the shards was a small seven pointed star, with an enlarged point. Whatever was going on, was happening in Void’s name.



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