Aether Dimension

Monster Mash

It didn’t take long after Rasauth’s army fell before the next adventure started. Nue, Ulrick, and Jamie went to the port town of Trayno to try to locate the runaway Elder, Ollivandear. Unfortunately, as their attention was drawn elsewhere, two dirty guys convinced Jamie to leave with them, by threatening his family. The other two headed back to Celeborn to try to figure out their next course of action, when they found letters addressed to them by Amadeus Wilheim Benton, a madman known for his experiments and cannibalism. The letters, which were way too personal for comfort, were invitations to a party in Oakfield.

Deciding that they had to get there as soon as possible, the god of air, Ventus, obliged. This meant they arrived before Jamie did. They took the building by storm, which led to a confrontation with Benton himself. He let them know that the ship was taken by The Bloody Rose, and Jamie was made into Pryce’s cabin boy.

They searched desperately for clues to find the Rose, and it came from Angelica and Henry, who led them to Seagull Cove to find it. They succeeded, and after a quick assault, they rescued Jamie and made their escape. Ulrick, pissed to find his friend in such bad repair, berserked, and killed many pirates. This led to a confrontation with the captain himself.

True to his word, Bogard let Jamie go as he wanted, and left them to deal with the traitorous Maxamilian Pryce.



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