Aether Dimension

Ain't No Grave

The party went to Heron, found out he mind raped Jamie into forgetting them, thinking Heron was his father, and then he made food. the party, however, was aggressive, turning dinner into a struggle of life and death. Except Ulrick, who was teleported away.

Smoke On The Water

Six warriors left the moon. The k’knai, Demitri. The queen, Nue. The horse master, Ulrick. The healer, Jamie. The pirate, Tadion. And the archer, Jeremy. Tricked by the fey king, Sifris, who was under the guise of Ventus, they were teleported into three groups.

Finding themselves in the village of Myro, the queen and the pirate meant to head off the next day. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, in the form of a Boogeyman who was in the middle of a killing spree. They tried to interfere with it’s plans, but the fey’s magic proved to be their undoing, leaving the pirate captured and the queen dead. The queen found herself resurrected in the village of Celeborn,with Tadion beside her, now marked by new scars.

In the cold, the k’knai and the healer found a cave. Unfortunately, that cave was Chillbreath, a magical cave that changed frequently. Haunted by dreams, both good and bad, they finally found their way out, after fighting a Cold Rider. They found their way to a city destroyed by Terra’s earthquakes, and then made their way to a city encased in shadow, where they barely escaped a battle with the dragons that dwelt within.

The horse master and the archer found themselves deep underground. It didn’t take much traveling before they found trouble, and Jeremy was plane shifted away. Now left in the dwelling of a horde of spiders all alone, Ulrick fought, battle after battle, until he found his end. But his end didn’t last long, as a Valyrie quickly showed up and helped him fight his way out. Unfortunately, their escape only made them a new enemy in the goddess, Lolth. Ulrick stayed at his home for a while, until the time to go to Vermael arrived.

Demitri, Jamie, Nue, and Tadion found their way on the same boat. However, they didn’t find themselves reunited until after Jamie was captured by the Hand of Ignis (after nights of flailing in bed and painting ‘No Survivors’ on the wall in his own blood.) The team had little in the way of options, so they just made sure to survive until they made port, where they found Ulrick. Their reunion was cut short, though, as a dragon flew overhead toward the city.

Basically, they killed it, reunited with Vietrick, who got them talking with Jack, who gave them invites to a battle against Heron.

Space Monkey
A t-rex and a cult on the moon.

Reunited with Tadion, the team decided to aid the god Ventus by eliminating the bulk of Benton’s force, essentially taking away the guns of Heron’s biggest arms dealer. However, as the team made it’s way through the icy cave and through the lab, the team was haunted the entire way through: Nue by a Wendigo, Demitri by his memories of this cave, and everyone by the words ‘Sifris is watching’.

They found their way to the lab, dropped the rough on the creatures and, in general, destroyed his life’s work. But then they went through a portal, taking them to- where else?- the moon. They found a ziggurat, saved Thicket, encountered a bunch of weird, masked people, and then found a pit of blood surrounded by seventy three bodies. However, it was the blue dog breathing golden fire that caught their attention.

The high fey Sifris, bearing the image of a dog, approached them. Essentially, he taunted them, gave them some useful information, made them hate him, and then took their barbarian away.

And there was a t-rex. On the moon.

Turn Me On Mr. Deadman

It started with absolute silence. The party, which had spent the night in a few different buildings, found themselves having to find each other, and an army of the undead stood in the way. While the wights, the vampires, and even fifty zombies strong failed to bring much challenge to the party, the sound of roaring signaled a might enemy. A hullathoin. Fortunately, Jamie turned that undead dragon away, and they were all good again.

All Nightmare Long

The team made port about halfway down the river to get to Graystone as quickly as possible, which meant parting ways with Angelica and Henry. This led them down to Inkard. However, as opposed to what Jamie remembered, Inkard was badly burned, and bodies were strewn everywhere.

They decided to go around the town, but it appeared that the town had other plans, and they were trapped by a ring of green fire. After a while, the sound of howling and growling barghest could be heard, along with a music box. No one could see, until Demitri got a strange vision. After hours of toying with them, they were allowed to leave, and they made their way to Graystone, mostly unscathed.

Monster Mash

It didn’t take long after Rasauth’s army fell before the next adventure started. Nue, Ulrick, and Jamie went to the port town of Trayno to try to locate the runaway Elder, Ollivandear. Unfortunately, as their attention was drawn elsewhere, two dirty guys convinced Jamie to leave with them, by threatening his family. The other two headed back to Celeborn to try to figure out their next course of action, when they found letters addressed to them by Amadeus Wilheim Benton, a madman known for his experiments and cannibalism. The letters, which were way too personal for comfort, were invitations to a party in Oakfield.

Deciding that they had to get there as soon as possible, the god of air, Ventus, obliged. This meant they arrived before Jamie did. They took the building by storm, which led to a confrontation with Benton himself. He let them know that the ship was taken by The Bloody Rose, and Jamie was made into Pryce’s cabin boy.

They searched desperately for clues to find the Rose, and it came from Angelica and Henry, who led them to Seagull Cove to find it. They succeeded, and after a quick assault, they rescued Jamie and made their escape. Ulrick, pissed to find his friend in such bad repair, berserked, and killed many pirates. This led to a confrontation with the captain himself.

True to his word, Bogard let Jamie go as he wanted, and left them to deal with the traitorous Maxamilian Pryce.

War Pigs

After the hassle of Keiran and Captain Bogard, the party made it’s way down to Celeborn, prompted from a request of aid from Rylan Elyndil, the Phoenix of Celeborn himself. The team with through a lot of rigorous activity (combat for Nue and Ulrick, lots of sex for Demitri) before the actual combat started on the seventeenth. They all started split up in different parties, but they all eventually met up in time fore the final battle against Rasauth. It took a lot of effort, along with a difficult fight against trolls and barghest, but they eventually slew the hobgoblin. Only a couple of days later, Tadion informed the group of his intentions to stay in Celeborn, while the human known as Jeremy Maybrook joined with them.

Highway To Hell

After a three week voyage to Herth and a two day walk, the group finally found it’s way to Vermael. It didn’t take long for them to find their way to the castle and into an audience with King Vietrick, or for the djinn named Cyprus to disappear. Unfortunately, Nue found that her husband never made it to Vermael, but she got a lead that he was in the city of Tir. However, this trip would have to wait, as the skies had turned purple, and nightmare-ous creatures ran unhindered. They fought battle after grueling battle, until they finally found themselves before the purple eyed man named Heron; the man who killed Tadion, the man who raised the dead. After a quick discussion, they felt themselves wanting to let go of everything, until an angel appeared. Heron disappeared, and so did the group.

Houses of the Holy

They found themselves in a beautiful room. Tadion wasn’t with them, but the angel, Remiel, and King Armand were both present. After a few conversations with a few gods, explaining that Heron was trying to bring Void back, they had gifted bloodline from the gods themselves, and that they had only one year to stop the revival of Void, they were sent to Tir. No big deal.

The Show Must Go On

Ulrick, anxious for great battle, was convinced by the cleric cook, Jamie, to enter a fight against a monster. Since it was a team battle, Jamie, along with Cyprus, Demitri, and Tadion, joined as well. However, they found that an individual named Skye had joined already. After a while, an individual named Nico and an acquaintance named Rygart joined as well. The eight of them made some preparation, and soon waged battle against an eleven headed hydra. After a grueling fight, the hydra fell.

Demitri, freshly healed, attacked Rygart for his indirectly hurting Jamie. Apparently, the bunny doesn’t like his friends hurt.


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