Greystone is known as the City of Stone. Due to the fertile soil and minerals in the nearby caves, farming and mining are common jobs here. The city was designed by both human and dwarf, and both races live here happily.

Notable Locations:

  • Statues: Many statues reside here. Common ones are gargoyles, weeping angels, dragons, humans and dwarfs, and dogs.
  • Fountains: While not as common as they are in Tanglo, many fountains are found here as well.
  • Mason Monastery: A huge stone church, located in the northern portion of the city. It serves as a shelter for the homeless and a stop on the journey for many lost souls.
  • Fields: Many fields can be found here.


  • Humans: Humans were on of the two founding races here. They make up about 40% of the population.
  • Dwarves: Every bit as common as humans, they are greatly responsible for the design and crafting of the city. They make up 40% of the population.
  • Elves: Elves who treasure architecture as well as the peaceful community feel of Greystone can be found here. They make up a little over 9%.
  • Gnomes: Gnomes can be found here for much the same reason as dwarves, and also of elves. They make up about 6% of the population.
  • Half Elves: Half Elves make up about 4% of the population.
  • Halflings/Half-Orcs/other races: Making up a small portion of Greystone’s population, they races make up almost a full 1%.


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