Liberty City

Liberty City: The Pinnacle of Industrialization. Liberty City is home to many tall buildings and several factories. It is the symbol of change everywhere, run by the president, Harold Saxon. Many people are afraid of the changes Liberty City represents; many are excited for it. Either way, it is nothing to take lightly.

Notable Locations:

  • Liberty Tower: A huge tower, which features many tourist attractions on the lower floors and experiments on the top floors.
  • Liberty Mall: A huge mall, featuring almost anything you could want.
  • Museum of Art: It’s a big museum. Filled with art.
  • Memorial Building: A building dedicated to those who died designing Liberty City.
  • Restaurants: There are many restaurants here, know for their great quality, or ease, or cheap prices.
  • Museum of History: A museum dedicated to the history of all of Liberty.

Humans: Humans make up the bulk of the population here, making up 95% of all residents.
Everyone else: All races are present in Liberty City. Together, every who isn’t a human makes up 5% of the population.

Liberty City

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