Liberty Falls

Liberty Falls, a small town which takes it’s name after the enormous waterfall nearby. It makes most of it’s money by fishing.

Notable locations:

  • Liberty Falls: It’s big, wet, and falls.
  • Fishing Supplies: You can find a few fishing shops around, and most convenience stores sells fishing supplies, too. Due to this, you can find weapons such a spears and tridents here. There are no weapon stores.
  • Restaurants: Fish! It’s what’s for dinner.

Halflings: Unlike most of the cities in Liberty, human’s are not the most populace in Liberty Falls. Halflings make up 40% of the population here.
Humans: They are a big percent of the population. 25% of Liberty Falls is made up of humans.
Elves: Elves make up a considerable percent of Liberty Falls. They make up around 18% of the population.
Gnomes: Gnomes make up around 9% of the population.
Half-Elves: At 8%, Half-Elves make up the rest of the population.

Liberty Falls

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