Restharven is a small, but very significant port town in Myrivia, as it is where the fierce pirate captain William Vane met his bloody end by Sheriff Giles Hamm.

Notable Events:

  • The Giles Hamm Fair: Made in response to the death of William Vane at the cutlass of Shriff Giles Hamm, a man respected by all, loved by many, and feared by anyone who dared to break a law in his town. Grateful, literal thousands who had been terrorized by the pirate threw a festival in his honor. Loving the attention and surge of profit during the two week festival, numerous merchants and nobles approached the mayor about making the festival annual. The mayor, a long time friend of the sheriff who believed it was only for Giles’ act, readily agreed. While the mayor fell for the truth, Giles did not, and didn’t go to any festival after the first, with the exception of one single day in each, where he went with the mayor, and for his patrolling duties. He stopped going completely after the mayor’s passing in 823.

In present day, the festival has lost most of it’s meaning, and few outside of Restharven actually know who Giles Hamm is. It is now a lot larger than it once was. Also, the once free festival is now very expensive; tickets now cost three gold pieces for a day, eight for three days, fifteen for a week, and twenty for the full two weeks. The benefit is being able to get some very unique and rare things.


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