Tanglo City

Tanglo City is a large city, located in the South West portion of Liberty. While it is not the biggest of cities, it is a major one, and the largest in the immediate area. Many people are attracted to Tanglo, whether for work, the bustling environment, or simply for the food.

Notable locations:

  • McAnally’s Pub: Considered the best bar and grill in town, it is very busy at night, and brings a very friendly feel. The band is amazing.
    Fountains: Tanglo is renowned for it’s fountains, separating it from the other cities of Liberty. Many tourists flock to Tanglo for them.
    The Meredith Bridge: This bridge named after the architects who designed it: Robert and Michael Meredith. It is a stunning piece of architecture, and is considered a modern masterpiece.
    The Dog and Rabbit: This inn has a high reputation for being the most hospitable in the country.


  • Humans: Human are the most common race here, making up roughly 40% of the population.
    Dwarves: Dwarves are also pretty common here, finding themselves interested in the architecture and it’s location near Greystone. They make up roughly 25% of the population.
    Elves: Elves with a taste for architecture and intermingling call Tanglo home. They make up 15% of the population.
    Gnomes: Gnomes are commonly found here, making up about 10% of the population.
    Half Elves: Half Elves are found here, being birthed by humans and elves native here. They make up about 9% of the population.
    Halflings/Half-Orcs/other races: These races rarely call this place home, but have been known to. They make up almost 1% of the population, when added together.

Tanglo City

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