The Country of Delgrad

Delgrad is a vast but tightly knit country far to the south. It rests at the end of a vast desert, Drawing what provisions they need from the land by the weatherworkings of the Evenstar Monkhood. The Fishermen of Aquathus and Brago, two fishing town on the water-edged southern borders of the country.

The Delphine are the foundation of Delgrad’s Populace. The race of gray-skinned humans originated in the harsh desert environment, and was brought together under one rule by the Conqueror, Delvous The Usurper, of Grenidad. It was then that Gamora, the country’s capitol, was wrought out of Sandstone and Iron, like the Cities of Grenidad and the other countries of the north.

Gamora is a fortress of Sandstone and Iron, built into the Cliffs of Nunival’s Edge. It houses the High Monastery of the Evenstar. In the palace Proper live the King and Queen who reign benevolently over the people.
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The Country of Delgrad

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