Woodfield is less industrious than most of Liberty, opting for windmills, farming, and small houses instead of the larger buildings and factories of Liberty City and similarly minded locales. Many of the old men and women of the village look at people who use ‘easy and common’ machines with disdain and disgust; many children look at them with curiosity.

Notable Locations:

  • The Woodfield Mall: An enormous series of tightly packed strip malls and outdoor stalls make up the Oakfield Mall. Due to Woodfield’s hardworking hands-on approach, their products differ from the rest of Liberty. They respect quality over quantity here. Masterwork products are common here, making them noticeably cheaper than a lot of places. Every sword, every bow, ever teacup, every saddle in Oakfield is hand made to be different and unique, meaning if you get something here, no one else will have one like it, and if you miss out on buying one you’ll never find one exactly like it. There are some things you will find here you will find no where else in the world.

Shops are:

  1. Arthur’s Swords: Arthur sells swords of all sorts here
  2. Anti-Arrow and Sword-Stopping Shields: Darla has many shields for sale
  3. Pole Plaza: Teddy sells several polearms here.
  4. Bow Superstore: Fred sells bows, but get your crossbows somewhere else
  5. Hank’s Axes: Hank is a fan of many kinds of axes
  6. Hammer of the Gods: Gabriel has a few kinds of hammers
  7. Rendu’s Rare Finds: The Rendu family sells many exotic weapons here. If they don’t make them here, you can bring an exotic weapon here, and they will try tpo learn to make and sell them.
  8. Burt’s Blades and Beans: Burt sells daggers, bone saws, kukris, machetes, and many other blades here. And, for some reason, beans.
  9. Don’t Be Cross!Bows: George sells crossbows here, but you can forget about finding a bow here.
  10. The Club Club: Regina likes to sell clubs. Get yours here.
  11. Raingear: Velma sells material for any weather here. She think that using rain gear as a title to try to sound like reindeer is funny. It isn’t.
  12. Norman’s Outfitters: This place has a lot of clothes for great prices, but Norman doesn’t sell anything particularly stunning here.
  13. Louis’ Fabulous Clothing: Louis sells only the best clothing here. Whether you’re going to the prince’s ball or just sleeping in, you’ll look good while you do it in these clothes.
  14. Eldron’s Works: You never know what magic you’ll find here. Come to think of it, Eldron is very powerful for such a young elf…
  15. Plush Haven: This store is run by Hershey. He sells many, many toys here.
  16. John’s Amazing Armor: You will find the best armor in all of Liberty here, bar none.
  17. Bastion’s Taxidermy: Bastion will take mostly anything recently deceased you bring him, and will have it made into amazing trophies. Tips not accepted.
  18. Merl’s Alchemy Lounge: Merl and his clumsy apprentice, Henri, work on alchemy here. Be thankful: Henri isn’t allowed anything that would do more than singe his hair if he dropped it.
  19. Pony Parade: This is a rather large building. It features stables, which holds horses who have been bred well and raised even well, cleverly designed saddles, food, including an apple tree out back for fresh apples, and saddlebags. The Dresden family has worked hard on their family business.
  20. Stine, Poe, and King’s Children Stories: Rob Stine, Ed Poe, and Stevie King have assembled the best children’s stories for you.
  21. Rudolph’s Herbs: Rudolph has many herbs here, not only the spice-your-food-up kind, but for herbology. Some herbs here are powerful, some are hard to find.
  22. Gertrude’s General Store: Gertrude and her sons run a fantastic general store, featuring anything you could need. They sell cookies in enormous bags.
  • The Ironwood Windmill: An enormous windmill, the symbol of the city. Below it is a small store for tourists, featuring shirts, jackets, pinwheel, and small windmills to buy.
  • The Snuggly Duckling: This inn features a well renowned pub downstairs, known for knocking the hardiest of dwarves on their asses.

*Oakfield Theater: A large theater, run by a local theater group. Actually, they arn’t bad.

Humans: Humans make up the highest percent of population here at 40%.
Half-Elves: Surprisingly, half-elves are really common in Woodfield, making up 35% of the population.
Halflings: Halflings greatly enjoy Woodfield, making up rougly 10% of the population.
Gnomes: Gnomes are as common here as halflings, making up 10% of the population.
Elves: Elves sometimes decide to settle here, making up the last 5%.
Dwarf: In Woodfield, there is one single dwarf, who spends his day at the Snuggly Duckling. His name is Mort.


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