Aether Dimension

Highway To Hell

After a three week voyage to Herth and a two day walk, the group finally found it’s way to Vermael. It didn’t take long for them to find their way to the castle and into an audience with King Vietrick, or for the djinn named Cyprus to disappear. Unfortunately, Nue found that her husband never made it to Vermael, but she got a lead that he was in the city of Tir. However, this trip would have to wait, as the skies had turned purple, and nightmare-ous creatures ran unhindered. They fought battle after grueling battle, until they finally found themselves before the purple eyed man named Heron; the man who killed Tadion, the man who raised the dead. After a quick discussion, they felt themselves wanting to let go of everything, until an angel appeared. Heron disappeared, and so did the group.



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