Aether Dimension

Space Monkey

A t-rex and a cult on the moon.

Reunited with Tadion, the team decided to aid the god Ventus by eliminating the bulk of Benton’s force, essentially taking away the guns of Heron’s biggest arms dealer. However, as the team made it’s way through the icy cave and through the lab, the team was haunted the entire way through: Nue by a Wendigo, Demitri by his memories of this cave, and everyone by the words ‘Sifris is watching’.

They found their way to the lab, dropped the rough on the creatures and, in general, destroyed his life’s work. But then they went through a portal, taking them to- where else?- the moon. They found a ziggurat, saved Thicket, encountered a bunch of weird, masked people, and then found a pit of blood surrounded by seventy three bodies. However, it was the blue dog breathing golden fire that caught their attention.

The high fey Sifris, bearing the image of a dog, approached them. Essentially, he taunted them, gave them some useful information, made them hate him, and then took their barbarian away.

And there was a t-rex. On the moon.



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