Angelica Rose (alternate)

soft-spoken, hot-blooded, self-proclaimed Pirate Reaper.


Winefred Geladrick was the daughter of mild fortune. Her parents owned The Wayward Galleon, the most popular Inn in Kirsch, and she was young and wily and not too lacking in looks either. It was late in the evening when Maximilian Pryce Entered the room, looking dashing and up to no good. Winefred was easily seduced, and quickly taken advantage of.

The worst night of her life was quickly followed by the worse news of her life. She was pregnant with the demon’s spawn. Thus the Urchin was born into the world. Unloved and unwanted, the infant was treated with cruelty and neglect. Her mother would scream at her nasty names that she would come to identify herself as.

From an early age the Cretin was made to work. Laboring without reward or word or praise. After a while she ceased searching for either. One evening, when she was 7 years old, she woke in the middle of the night to an enchanting sound. The music was like nothing she’d ever heard in her life. it was good and pure and all the things that the girl was not familiar with. Crawling out of the filthy basement, she found her way to the source of the sound, a grove in a nearby forest. At the time she did not think it was so strange that the faint music could reach her ears all the way in her dwelling under the Inn. In the grove sat a Unicorn.
-to be continued.-

Angelica Rose is a Stout-hearted warrior, and a Driven individual. Her heart’s desire is to catch and bleed out the one responsible for her miserable existence — Maximilian Pryce. This is not her only goal, however. She also wishes to find her long lost friend who disappeared so very long ago, and perhaps find some measure of happiness in the remainder of her years, although she doubts that it will happen.

She is a lone wolf to a large extent, but will aid others when it will benefit her cause. Though not opposed to team-work, trust is not something she throws around lightly. infact, there are few people in the world who she truly trusts. She will never trust a pirate. Infact, she kills most pirates on sight unless circumstances won’t allow it.

Neutral Good
Angelica does not believe in the inherent good of mankind, but rather in the inherent selfishness that causes one man to take advantage of another’s suffering for their own pleasure. As a result, her only concern is for her own survival. If her survival means the death of those around her, so be it. However, if she owes a debt to someone, or if the people close to her are in danger, she will go out of her way to help them. If people put their trust in her, she will see their trust fulfilled, for she refuses to be like everyone else: Unreliable.

Angelica Rose (alternate)

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