Aether Dimension


While exploring the festival, the group encountered a man named Ulrick, who started following them around (mostly because he believed Demitri to be a god). After a while more of exploring, they decided to go underground to complete some quests. A few fights later, the had collected the remains of a giant spider and killed an enormous centipede. It was an easy day overall, and they had money coming their way.

Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict

In the wake of yesterday’s undead nightmare, Cyprus, Demitri, and Jamie decide to go check up in the graveyard (after Demitri scares Jamie enough to get them all drenched with Create Water). The gravekeeper informed them of the ‘witches’ in the tunnels below. They had some tea, and let with a few warnings: watch out for the troglodytes, there’s bound to be loot to take, and don’t be in there at night. They thanked him and he undertaker, and went on their way.

The cave dripped with water, the ground was sharp and the walls covered in mold and mildew. And it was full of nasty things. They fought their way along, past grimlocks and chokers, spiders and scorpions, and all sort of other things, including some pirates.

The first time they encountered pirates, they heard someone screaming for help. When they found where it was coming from, they found a fearsome looking pirate standing over a small elf pirate boy. The human pirate drew a pair of rusty cutlasses, and fought the three adventurers. He was tough, but he was no match for the three of them.

The elf boy introduced himself as Tadion, and informed them that he joined the pirates because he had no one else. After a brief discussion of what they should do with him, he interjected, and insisted he help them. They let him, which proved to be a good decision.

Soon enough, they came across the troglodyte territory. The two parties fought, leaving Demitri, Cyprus, Jamie, and Tadion victorious and the troglodytes dead. The team decided to stay at the fortified area rather than keep traveling in the dangerous cave when all the nocturnal creatures woke.

Nine hours and a curious discovery later, they were on their way. Within the next hour, they came across two more pirates. One was an insane woman, and the other was a gnome with a good sense of humor. The woman proved hostile, and made for her attack. However, she was bested, and ran away. The gnome promptly sat when the battle started and, after her defeat, started to laugh hysterically. He introduced himself as Elamros Laughshield, and the woman as Hobblin’ Glynnis Main, pirates from the infamous pirate galleon The Bloody Rose. He informed them that they weren’t looking for witches, but hags, and they had a pet alligator. He pointed them in the direction of the lake they were at, and suggested they separate them and take them out one by one. A withdrawal from the treasure chest later, and they were on their way.

About ten minutes later, they came face to face with one of the hags. She was tough, but the team was tougher. She managed to make her escape to the lake, however, and soon the team had to face three hags. While the others tried to formulate a plan, Tadion instantly jumped into the water to swim across. Before anyone else to get to the island, he fell the hag they were face before. However, before anyone else got to the island, Tadion was overwhelmed, and he fell unconscious. The other three made it to the small island, Jamie healed Tadion, and the three that were still awake fought the hags. Finally, the hags fell, but they found themselves face to face with the alligator. This time, it was Demitri who didn’t wait, and got his leg caught in the gator’s maw for the trouble. With effort, the slew the voracious beast. Content with their work, the three left the cave, and made their way back to Restharven.

Bad Moon Rising

Cyprus and Demitri met on their ferry ride to Restharven. They hung around for a while, enjoying the new company, before they went to bed. They met up the next day, and spent it together at the festival. However, the happy and easy time turned into curiosity as they heard whispers of something happening at the east side of town.

What waited for them was fourteen decaying bodies. The followed the bodies back to the graveyard, where they found a number of zombies and skeletons. They fought against the small hoard, but the numbers were too great. Fortunately, a blond cleric they had bumped into a few times was on the case, and healed them.

Several zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and ghosts later, they found themselves staring at a mausoleum emitting a purple light. They investigated, and found it was emitting from on top of the stone casket. Before they could decide what to do, however, they were attacked by a wight, who could weaken someone at touch. However, the three succeeded in bringing it down.

Their enemy dead (again), Demitri touched the light with the haft of his Guan Dao. After a few more moments of cautiousness, Demitri picked up the crystal that was emitting the light, and dropped it. The crystal took as much of a beating as it could, but after a Demitri punt, the crystal shattered, and the light went out. Among the shards was a small seven pointed star, with an enlarged point. Whatever was going on, was happening in Void’s name.


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